The solicitors of DLBH LLP represent private financial institutions and individuals with securing all types of loans. 

From large scale equity loans secured against real estate to relatively small financial transactions advancing personal loans secured by Promissory Notes or IOUs, the solicitors of DLBH LLP have represented all manners of clients.  And, unfortunately, at times formal legal action must be initiated to resolve disputes or to enforce legal rights protected by such agreements.

Whether you are the individual or corporation who has lent money based upon a promise of repayment, or are the individual or corporation that has promised to repay such a debt, our litigators are fully aware of the means and procedures available to obtain relief.  Whether it be negotiating a settlement to minimize the costs and interest charged upon a bad debt or acting swiftly to capture a secured asset before it is lost or removed from the jurisdiction, our litigators are able to provide prompt, efficient service to meet your business needs.