Wills & Estates

Personal Directive

A Personal Directive is a specific legal document which allows you to nominate a decision maker (called an “Agent”) to make decisions for you regarding personal issues such as medical treatment, living arrangements and health care solutions.

Many people have had a direct and personal experience with a loved one who has suffered from a debilitating accident or the onset of a degenerative condition rendering their loved one unable to communicate or care for themselves.  Under the best of circumstances this is a very difficult situation.  If the debilitation was brought on by an unforeseen crisis or there exists conflict among the caregivers the situation can be unbearable – both for the loved one who is suffering, and for the family members who must deal with the situation.

The existence of a PD enables you to select who your Agent will be and provide them with some direction regarding what type of care you would like, or not like once you are unable to communicate or decide for yourself.  Obviously, PDs must consider “end-of-life” issues, such as the termination of life support and withdrawal of medical treatment (or “do not resuscitate” orders).   Making these decisions can be very difficult for those that are left behind.  As a result, a properly drafted PD will ensure that your wishes are made known so that they can be followed.  It will also assist your caregivers with the guilt of making certain decisions, knowing your preferences regarding the decisions made.

Every situation is unique and requires specific and individual attention to detail to ensure a document is drafted with the proper provisions and information in place.  Should you be interested in preparing a PD, or require more information on this topic, please do not hesitate to give one of our solicitors a call.