Shareholder Disputes

Corporations are subject to both federal and provincial legislation, much of which is designed to protect the best interests of the corporation and its individual shareholders. 

In addition to this, a particular corporation may have adopted certain rules by way of resolutions, by-laws or shareholders agreements to further specify their governing principles.  Despite this seemingly endless amount of law, rules and resolutions, disputes can arise among shareholders resulting in oppressive action being taken towards certain individuals, or at times even worse - the corporation being unable to continue operating in its current business environment.

At DLBH LLP our litigators are well versed in the laws that impact shareholder relations and the means to resolve disputes when they arise.  Our litigators will strive to find a practical, effective resolution to your dispute which meet the business and personal objectives of the parties and minimize the negative effects of a lengthy and adversarial court battle. 

If you personally require assistance in resolving a dispute with your business partners, or require legal counsel to represent the best interests of the corporation itself, please give one of our qualified litigators a call.  We will be pleased to offer our advice and assist in reaching a settlement, often without the necessity of initiating formal legal actions.